• The Depression Initiative

    New Hope for Recovery from Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders exact a significant toll on individuals and society in terms of human suffering, lost productivity, high health care costs and more.

  • Seven Challenges®

    A New Choice - and Voice - For Adolescent Substance Abuse. Natchaug Hospital is now offering a substance abuse partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient for adolescents.

  • Mental Health First Aid

    This program saves lives, improves the mental health of the individual administering care and the one receiving it, expands knowledge of mental illnesses and their treatments, increases services provided and reduces overall stigma by improving mental health “literacy.”

  • Stop the Stigma

    The fear of stigma and discrimination has a devastating effect on those living with mental illness and on their families. And adults are not the only ones affected. Children and adolescents struggle with mental illness as well.

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